Quality Control


Strict quality control is maintained at every stage of manufacturing. Investment casting are of radiographic quality and chemical composition, heat treatment standard and physical properties based on American Society of Testing Materials, Whereas radiographic inspection is carried out as per the requirements. The system of stagewise inspection of various components for dimensions & other properties are followed strictly & records maintained. The entire set-up is accredited with ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System. Our world class testing laboratory is well equipped to carry out all the tests, as per National and International Standards.

Quality is our hallmark and we conduct consistent quality checks on every product to ensure that no leakage or breakage takes place anywhere in the service. All pipes and fittings at KPT is manufactured under stringent process control and carefully monitored throughout the manufacturing process to offer our customers flawless products.


The quality of output of an organization very much depends upon the quality of processes it follows. We have always been very strict and punctual with time for all processes as well products. We maintain quality standards maintained that allow expanding our market globally. A specialized team and quality is the major player in achieving the ISO 9001:2008 certificate. A specialized team in Quality Assurance keeps check on internal and customer specific requirements.

Incoming inspection

Incoming inspection consists of examination and verification of raw materials. This inspection allows only the right material to be fed into the lines and above all keep a check on the supplier’s quality. With pre-defined interior specifications our quality team keeps a strict vigil on all resins, chemicals, resins, pigments, plasticizers, packing materials and fabrics along with verification of supplier reports. The non-reliable material will be rejected and sent back to provider and reasonable restorative activities are arranged.

Online Inspection

Online Inspection consists of verifying and approval of the first part based on clients’ specifications and our internal specifications while the production process. It is a key step for ensuring that the raw material is apt according to the internal and external specifications.

In-Process Inspection

In-process inspection and control consists of setting, verifying and monitoring of predefined process parameters during the production of any kind of products and their documentation in the system. We owned valuable quality assurance methods like mistake or error proofing system in automatic temperature controls.

Final Inspection

On passing of two parameters that include visual and physical, then the material will be approved for dispatch to clients. Final inspection consists of testing and verifying of physical parameters and visual appearance of all customer specifications. Each physical parameters and 100 % material is verified for visual appearance on inspection machines, by trained inspectors.



A well-designed QA/QC program will include periodic audits of the efficacy of the program itself.

Such audits will generally address:

  1. Evaluation of manufactured pipes and fittings in inventory
  2. Inspection and recalibration (if necessary) of QC testing equipment
  3. QC inspection and reporting procedures
  4. Raw material sampling, testing and lot control procedures
  5. Product certification procedures
  6. Processing of customer complaints; corrective actions
  7. Processing of recommendations from plant personnel