Quality Policy


We at KPT are committed to manufacture & supply products per customers’ requirement in time, through continual improvement in quality management systems and involvement of its employees. Several of our products are ISO certified: for their quality management systems, safety norms, and environmental performance standards.

Our commitment to quality is unflinching, our hunger for growth is deep-rooted and our capacity for details is amazing. We stand committed to seeing this excellence permeate every aspect of our operations. It is indicative of our greater quality consciousness that assist us make superior products that will exceed the expectations of our existing as well as new clients, and win new customers with confidence.

With the Quality approach at supreme, we aspire to absolute Quality. Over these years, we have demonstrated a rare resilience and fortitude. The organization is determined to improve productivity and focus continuously on innovation and up-gradation of its products and people.


The Environmental Policy is intended to extend to all stakeholders related to the Company and to the companies associative to the group of which the organization is the controlling unit, within the meaning propelled by law (the “Group”), its devotion to leadership in the development of clean energy and respect for the environment.

We at KPT follow Environmental policy, which refers to the commitment of an organization to the laws, regulations, and other policy mechanisms concerning environmental issues.

Why Environment is so important?

It is simply the only home of mankind, making it the most important aspect in life. Wellness of the environment directly relates to the wellness and health in human beings and every other species. Development of mankind impacts and, in turn, is impacted by the Environment. Both are not only inter-related but are also inter-dependent.

How will we protect and advance it ?

We will fulfil this policy by committing ourselves to continuous improvement, updation of our processes, facilities and products, on one side, while spreading awareness, training and education of our associates, on the other.



The company’s quality edifice stands on the following pillars:

  1. Strive for Quality Excellence.
  2. Sustainable Development of Stakeholders.
  3. Protection and Advancement of Environment.
  4. Market Leadership.
  5. Total commitment for customer satisfaction.