Vision & Mission


We vision to become a leading global entity in the field of “Pipes and Fittings Equipment” with a remarkable market share and a very well developed customer client. To meet our set objective, we aspire to serve our clients with optimum quality products in bulk, best after sale service following with consistent improvement. Moreover we also focus on meeting their requirements with perfect suiting custom outlined solutions through vigorous R&D activities.


Today, we are not just a product company. We’re a brand that produces high quality plumbing products. We’re KPT, we follow the highest International Standards for eco-friendliness, in procedures & materials. We strive to ensure the practice of optimum empowerment and respect and to individuals and be a agitator in enhancing their proficiencies.

We envision being the premier and preferred company known around the globe for serving the premium Quality of products that are manufactured at our amenity under high skilled and experienced professionals. To keep constantly tuned to our customer’s needs and exceeding customers’ expectations through constant innovation and commitment is in our roots. It is this focus on people’s needs that has driven us to be an environmentally aware organization.

Strategic technological alliances with professionals represent our adherence towards delivery of products of relentless quality. Items that, in turn, are generally welcomed in the most perceiving worldwide markets. We are dealing with the best traits in the world and furthermore cuddling new frontiers as well.


Our mission is to provide high quality products at the most competitive through affirmation, stringent assessments and best in class conveyance and consistency in services. We aim to to be the best performing industrial pipes company in the world as determined by our customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

We strive to stay on top of today’s and tomorrow’s technology so that we can help to create a better future for ourselves, our partners, dear personnel and future. Our aim is to do equity to our set vision and redesign new visions to manifest as utopian of the world.


Our value system revolves around Quality, Integrity and Responsibility with an aim to improve the quality of life. It controls our functioning within the group and with external associates so that it leverages a collective corollary. This evolves a high level of passion, commitment, responsibility and optimism at workplace.

By virtue of its values, KPT is determined to enhance the quality of life and thereby be of service to society as a whole.


Our Milestones

Water is the most Quintessential part of our Life and we at KPT give it to you with utmost Quality and purity with the least cost as compared to any other plumbing system.

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