KPT Pipes


Jointing method of KPT PPR-C piping systems



1. Cut the pipe right angle to its axis using burr free cutter.
2. Ensure that pipes is free from burrs or cutting chip
3. Clean the pipe & fitting perfectly before welding.
4. Mark welding depth at the end of pipes.




1. Mount the suitable dies on heating element of welding machine according to the diameter of Pipe and fitting to be welded.
2. Connect the welding machine to 220/230 volts A.C. power supply.
3. Select 260 Deg. C. temperatures on the welding machine thermostat.
4. Wait for reaching the required working temperature.
5. Insert the pipe and the fitting in the dies by exerting light pressure.
6. For heating time, refer the table given for different sizes of Pipes.




1. After heating, quickly insert pipe into the fitting by exerting light pressure.
2. Any misalignment should be corrected immediately after insertion to avoid any Stress in the weld.
3. Allow the joint to cool as per cooling time given in table. This type of connection ensures perfect sealing even under the severe working Conditions.

Recommended Time For PPR Systems Fusion Joints

Recommended Time For PPR Systems Butt Joints

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