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At present Pneumatic Pipes & Fittings has turned into the technique of packed air pipeline, by the endeavors of organization, which is having number of clients and well constructed presence in a wide range of ventures that has declared our item as high tech. Compressed Air Piping system of KPT has been highly admired and accepted via almost any kind of industries across all over India because it is involves in air leak-proof pipe and in any other industry, air is the most important element to run the plant. With the most popular concept to cater vitality sparing Pneumatic Piping to the industrial sector, KPT is involves in manufacturing of compacted air pipes and fittings since past 9 years and are providing pipes for air compressors.


We are manufacturing corrosion resistant and moisture free pipes and fittings for Compressed air use, Instrumentation air as well as the pipes for Vacuum air application & Nitrogen air applications. Serving with products that meet the requirement for Industrial Air & Compressed Air application, we are trying to serve our clients through top notch technical manners that prompt least pressure drop, no leakage, heat loss, non-corrosive, and lesser friction loss systems.


Why only Pneumatic piping for air transmit?


We are catering our products for Air-Compressor & other Pneumatic Pipe Fittings need since last 8 years, in which we have successfully supplied specially made Pneumatic pipes. Most people are habituated to using metal pipes for air transmission. They do not have the idea that the mixture of air and water is generated when the air passes through the metal pipes. This produces friction in the internal surface of the pipes as a result of which, it leads to rusting and damage in the line.


Note: Through continuous Research and Development, we have developed special grade through which the innovation of Pneumatic Piping took place. This piping is given international colour code “Blue colour” for air transmits.

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