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PPR Pipes Manufacturers in India

TECHNICAL INFORMATION – PPR (Polypropylene Random copolymer) – One of the leading PPR pipes manufacturers in India, KPT is committed in bringing evolution in the plumbing or irrigation systems through technological advancement and practical knowledge in the science of piping. With the use of our pipes in the extensive variety of applications, our PPR fittings suppliers and exporters have been distributing the best quality pipes for use in various systems.


Prone to rust, leakage or any external force, KPT brings to you a piping system made with revolutionary Basel & Hyosung material. According to the plastic PPR pipes catalogue, our pipe fittings are approved for production. Apart from these the exclusive mechanical properties of pipes that have been developed with appropriate anti-oxidants to withhold any combine effort of pressure and temperature, making us one of the best PPR pipes manufacturers & exporters in India.


Made from the finest Basel & Hyosung material as per the standards of DIN 8078 & DIN 16962, these PPR pipes are manufactured from such a raw material which transforms the final product with the influx of temperature in order to plasticize the material, creating pipes through Extrusion and fittings through Moulding.


Shouldering the reputation of the excellent PPR pipe manufacturers in India, our pipes can endure heat and its physical and chemical properties ensures that it could carry potable water and that too in the heating sector. These fabulous features makes it possible to use pipes for a constant temperature of 700 C, offering a service of 50 years.


Engineered with advance technology and traded on an economical price, KPT believes in perfect management of entire piping system keeping the standards of manufacturing intact. Quality products are our sole motto and with years of expertise we ensure a comprehensive quality control of the various procedures and the material used. Researching to the extent of technology, we strive to provide PPR pipes and PPR fittings that are in sync with international standards. Contact us to get PPR pipes price list in India.

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