KPT Pipes


Special Features of PPR-C Piping System

Anti Corrosive & Chemical Resistant – Chemically inert and highly resistant to wide range of acid bases. Suitable for highly corrosive areas and industrial cooling water, drinking water system.

Withstanding High Pressure

Pipes and fittings can withstand up to 20 kg/sqcm pressure. Suitable for high pressure application Compressed Air Lines.

Low Pressure Drop

Because of very smooth non porous inner surface of pipes and fittings the pressure loss is less than metallic pipes, which results saving of pumping energy considerably.

Withstanding Higher Temperature

Can withstand upto 95degreeC. Best pipe for heated water transport in solar applications.

Hygienic & Harmlessness

KPT PPR-C pipes are certified as food grade pipes as per DIN 1998 T2. Best piping system for drinking water, RO plants and DM Plants.

Low Thermal Conductivity

The material’s high level of thermal insulation guarantees low heat loss on the part of fluid transport. (0.24 W/mk)

Low Noise

Having high sound insulation value, results in lower noise level at the time of high velocity flow.

Non Toxic- Recyclable

Unlike PVC pipes, KVT PPR-C pipes are non toxic at the time of fire. PPR-C is recyclable material.

High Impact Rate

KPT PPR-C pipes are having high impact strength compare to any plastic pipes.

Like SS Pipe

The characters of KPT PPR-C piping system is almost like SS. KPT PPR-C pipes will have more advantage than SS for the specific application requirements.

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