Testing Methods for KPT fittings PPR/ PPC

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Testing Methods for KPT fittings PPR/ PPC

Whether it’s software development, manufacturing process, or something else. Everything is gone through many steps. All these steps are compromised with a word that is Development or manufacturing life cycle. The pipe manufacturer is really concerned about high-quality raw material for PVC products.

For this, they have gathered information from different sources, different people, and experts. They have participated in the market research process, to verify the quality and identify the customer needs and requirements. They have also prepared a well-detailed note on the market standards so they don’t have to face any federal or state rules and regulations problems.

After gathering needed information, they have collected raw materials and high-tech machines for the manufacturing of PVC pipes, couplings, adapters, reducers, etc. After manufacturing the products, to check the product quality KPT pipe companies in India, forward all the products for the testing process.

Product testing is an important part of any type of manufacturing and designing process. Before sending it to inventory, the product should be tested well. If any type of product failure is identified during the testing phase, it again sends it to the manufacturing department or separated from other verified products.

We are here to deliver qualitative products to our beloved customers according to their demands. Our customers trust us and we have to make the efforts to maintain it well. Any type of customer dissatisfaction or product failure may damage the prestige of our manufacturing house. It directly impacts the quality and quantity of the products.

We are using modern technology and manufacturing machines and techniques to produce and testing products. The pressure testing is performed by the foreman, and the product engineer, etc. They perform needful practices to measure the quality and pressure of the pipes.
Testing methods

Pneumatic pressure and hydrostatic pressure are the two main methods used during the testing phase.
● Hydrostatic:
Freshwater is used during the testing process of compressed gas pipes, once the process is done. To dry the pipes blowdry, oil-free, nitrogen-free air method used.
● Pneumatic:
Dry oil-free air and nitrogen is the main key to practice this testing method.

After optimizing the performance and health of the pipelines a project testing phase report also generated. The professional who has the responsibility to prepare the project reports includes all product details as serial no. manufacturing date, maximum expansion, Rejection Elastic Expansion, etc.

During all the phases of manufacturing, testing, and implementation, the safety of the professional is also a prime thing. Because the different types of gases and high-pressure techniques are involved in each step that should be taken care of.

KPT pipe manufacturer has also considered the safety measures for its professionals and machinery uses. We also make the inspection visit periodically to check if there is a need to change the parts or machines for the manufacturing unit.

The PVC pipe manufacturers Delhi also approved and certified all the industrial and manufacturing standards. If any individual wants to purchase high-standard, high-end quality based PVC products, pipes, connectors, or threading fittings they can visit our official web address and store.