Greentherm Pipes

Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PPR-C) thermoplastic pipes called Greentherm are used in various heating and cooling systems. Because of their durability, flexibility, and strength, these pipes are a fantastic choice for many systems. They are used in industrial operations, particularly in the petrochemical and chemical sectors, as well as HVAC systems, geothermal systems, solar thermal systems, and other systems.

As these PPR Pipes & Fittings are lightweight, flexible, and easy to install, these pipes are appropriate for restricted spaces or around obstructions. Due to their excellent resistance to UV radiation, thermal expansion and contraction, and corrosion, they are also well-suited for use in adverse environments. They are environmentally advantageous since they are recyclable.

Special Features of KPT PPR-C Piping System

Anticorrosive and Chemically Inert - Greentherm pipes are highly resistant to various acids and bases. These pipes suit industrial cooling water, drinking water systems, and extremely corrosive locations.

Withstanding High Pressure - These pipes and fittings may handle up to 20 kg/sqcm. It is perfect for high-pressure uses like compressed air lines.

Low-Pressure Drop - The pressure loss is less than metallic pipes due to the highly smooth, non-porous inner surface of the pipes and fittings, which results in significant pumping energy savings.

Withstanding Higher Temperature - Capable of withstanding 95°C. It is the best pipe for solar applications to transport heated water.

Hygienic & Harmlessness - According to DIN 1998 T2, KPT PPR-C pipes are certified food-grade pipes. They are the best plumbing system for RO plants, DM Plans, and drinking water.

Reduced Thermal Conductivity - Low heat loss during fluid transfer is guaranteed by the material's high level of thermal insulation (0.24 W/mK).

Low Noise - When there is a high-velocity flow, a high sound insulation value results in less noise.

Non-toxic, recyclable, and safe - KPT PPR-C pipes are nontoxic during a fire, in contrast to PVC pipes. PPR-C is a recyclable material.

High Impact Rate - KPT PPR-C pipes have a high impact strength compared to other plastic pipes.

Able to withstand a constant electrical current - Stray currents do not affect the KPT PPR-C pipe system because of its superior electrical insulating qualities.

Similar to SS Pipe - The KPT PPR-C pipe system has properties quite similar to SS. KPT PPR-C pipes will be superior to SS for the demands of the particular application.


Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Greentherm pipes can be used as a heat transfer fluid in radiant heating and cooling systems for buildings.
  • They can also be used as a source of hot water for hydronic heating systems.
Solar Thermal Systems
  • Greentherm pipes can be used as a heat transfer fluid in solar thermal systems, allowing for the efficient collection and distribution of solar energy.
Industrial Processes
  • Greentherm pipes can be used as a heat transfer fluid in industrial processes, such as in producing chemicals, food, and other products.
Ground-Source Heat Pumps
  • Greentherm pipes can be used in ground-source heat pump systems, which use the earth as a heat source and sink to provide heating and cooling for buildings.


Energy Efficiency and Climate Suitability: Highly insulating compared to traditional materials, excellent for both hot and cold regions.

Environmental friendliness and robustness: Highly resilient, non-toxic, and will not corrode or rust over time.

Installation Effort: Lightweight, making installation easier.

Range of Applications: Offers a whole range from 16 mm to 400 mm, perfect for many applications.


How Greentherm Pipes are Meeting the Demands of Heating and Cooling Applications

The distinctive feature of Greentherm pipes is that they are constructed from a robust, high-density polyethylene substance that can tolerate extreme temperatures and pressures. They are a fantastic choice for outdoor and industrial use because they are UV and corrosion-resistant. Greentherm pipes are also simple to install and maintain, which might eventually save energy expenses. Because they are made of recyclable material, they are also ecologically beneficial. Thanks to this feature combination, they are a flexible and reliable alternative for a range of heating and cooling applications.

KPT's Greentherm Pipes: The Smart Choice for Sustainable Plumbing

KPT is committed to providing the best piping solutions for a sustainable future. We have made a significant development in satisfying the growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products with the introduction of Greentherm pipes. Compared to traditional plumbing solutions, these pipes are made to endure longer and function more effectively. Additionally, KPT's Greentherm pipes are the ideal choice for any project requiring reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly pipe solutions. Our team of professionals is always ready to offer technical support and guidance to make sure your project is successful.

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