ThermaPlus Pipes

PPR Pipes and fittings from KPT - "Thermaplus" (PPR-FR) are made exclusively for fire sprinkler systems. They are constructed from a unique thermoplastic material known chemically as Polypropylene Random Copolymer Flame Retardant (PPR-FR). Compared to traditional thermoplastics, KPT Thermaplus (PPR-FR) pipes and fittings offer improved hydraulics, ease of joining, greater hanger spacing, and ease of installation, among other special benefits for sprinkler systems.

The current industry standard for automated fire sprinkler pipe systems is KPT Thermaplus (PPR-FR). According to NFPA 13, KPT Thermaplus (PPR-FR) pipes and fittings are completely certified for use in all light and regular hazardous rooms and other light hazardous applications, in both new construction and retrofit construction, including:

  • High-rise buildings (including apartments and hotels)
  • Schools and Institutions
  • One and Two family dwellings

Special Features

Thermaplus pipes, also known as fire fighting pipes, have a number of features, including:

Thermal Insulation: The pipes are made of thermally insulated material that can resist high temperatures in order to reduce heat loss and boost energy efficiency.

Fire Resistance: Because the pipes are made to survive exposure to high heat and flames without losing structural integrity, they are considered fire resistant.

Resistance to Corrosion: The pipes' resistance to rust and corrosion extends their endurance and longevity.

Low Thermal Conductivity: The temperature of the water or other fire-suppressing chemicals inside the pipes can be readily maintained since the pipes have low thermal conductivity and do not transfer heat well.

Lightweight: The pipes are perfect for usage in buildings, factories, and other structures since they are portable and simple to install.

Durable: A pipe's ability to endure exposure to chemicals, moisture, and other environmental variables is determined by the material it is made of.

Low maintenance: The pipes are a cost-effective fire protection system option since they are simple to clean and require little maintenance.

Easy to Install: The pipes are easy to install, which reduces the installation time and costs.


Fire Sprinkler Systems: Fire fittings pipes are widely used in fire sprinkler systems to deliver water or other fire suppression chemicals to the sprinkler heads in the case of a fire emergency.

Standpipe Systems: Fire fittings pipes are also used in standpipe systems, which provide a means for firefighters to access water from an elevated source in multi-story buildings.

Fire Suppression Systems: Fire fittings pipes transfer the suppressant chemicals to the fire's source in fire suppression systems like foam and CO2 systems.

Fire hydrants: They are used to supply a source of water for firefighters to utilize in putting out a fire. Fire fittings pipes are used to link fire hydrants to the main water supply.

Fire Pumps: To connect fire pumps, which boost water pressure, to the primary water supply and to fire suppression systems, fire fittings pipes are utilized.

Benefits of a Sprinkler Piping System

Pre-cutting or fabrication are not required: The technique removes the need for costly fabrication and pre-cutting, saving both time and money.

Easy Connection to Other Piping Systems: The system is flexible and simple to set up since it is simple to connect to other sprinkler piping systems.

Pipe Flexibility: The system allows for better ease of installation by providing piping flexibility.

Resistant to Rust, Scale, and Contaminants: The system has a longer lifespan since it is resistant to the buildup of rust, scale, and external contaminants.

Inexpensive Tools Required: The system is a cost-effective choice because it just takes a few simple tools for installation.


Thermal FR+V2 Composite Piping

Who Are We?

We are excited to introduce KPT Thermaplus pipes and fittings, a brand-new product from the KPT firm, for use in firefighting lines and other applications. Thermaplus FR Composite Pipes & Fittings are used to construct the outer and middle layers of the pipes. These materials provide great performance with extended life in direct sunlight and can readily withstand fires to ensure safe passage for the general public.

The intermediate layer of glass fibre reinforcement inside the two layers of PPRC acts as a constraint to create durability to high pressure at high temperatures and to decrease extension capacity. This plumbing system is perfect for all firefighting lines, hotels, malls, businesses, educational institutions, and residential apartments, among other buildings.

Our Thermaplus piping is primarily advised to use in highly corrosive chemicals, higher and lower temperature applications, as well as all sorts of process and utility applications, soft water, raw water, R.O. water, D. M. water, etc. KPT is a prominent Composite Pipe Manufacturer in India. Thermaplus Pipes and Thermal Fittings from KPT provide a number of benefits that can help meal piping problems such as leaks, pressure drops, and corrosion-erosive erosion be resolved.

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